We believe quality is a shared responsibility, fulfilling expectations and needs of our clients

The success of any particular business is hinged on three main precepts which are the quality, delivery and price of its services and solutions. At Milestone Technocrat we subscribe to stringent quality control measures to cater for the rapidly evolving customers’ needs and edge out fierce competition from rivals. Our solutions are synchronised with business objectives and the client needs. Milestone Technocrat is ISO 9001:2015 certified and practices under the CMMI guidelines I conducting its activities.

We have heavily invested in Research and development to help in setting the standards for our businesses. Despites the major advancement in technological advancements we have realized that technology alone cannot fully satisfy our client’s needs. We have thus invested in interpersonal and professional skills to enhance customer satisfaction and retention.

We continue to deliver exemplary results due to our strict adherence to quality control. Our services have been critically acclaimed as the best internationally and locally. In light of our burgeoning reputation we continue to receive multiple awards and recognition. In 2010 during the World Quality Commitments Awards held IN Paris, Milestone Technocrat was feted as a leading figure in quality assurance across the globe. Besides we have been awarded Gold category by the BID council during the international star Awards courtesy of our quality centred operations.