Design. Prototype. Validate

We are company that deals with designing, engineering and prototyping of products for startups, inventors, entrepreneurs, as well as large companies alike.

We have flexible development processes in place that will ensure that we develop innovative products that are user experience oriented and we work through the entire life cycle right from concept, development to designing.

Our Capabilities

Enterprise Product Prototyping Development Services to Transform Great Ideas

Requirements Elicitation

We have a team of experts who will deal with prototype development, and they will work to implement all the best practices. We have methods in place that are tested and proven to be essential in obtaining high quality requirements documentation.

Analysis & Design

Analysis is the process of brainstorming, developing, and communicating new ideas. Our services are meant to transform your concepts and theories into real-world application. We have a team of experts who will get the insight of your project’s technical and commercial viability and determine if the idea is workable, achievable and appropriate.

Solution Architecture

With the growth of analytics importance being the current trend, we have a team in place who will work to deliver services of technology validation as well as architecture prototyping solutions. This team will give you a quick insight on the proof of concept, its evaluation against critical scenarios, and checking deployment restraints before you begin your next iteration of your solution architecture.

Risk Identification

This involves identification and analysis of project risks potentials that hugely affect the delivery of your project. This step is appropriate and necessary as it mitigates potential risks encountered throughout the life of a project. It is necessary to point out on the possible risks in a project then work to contain them before they cause a disaster and even help in suspending risks uncertainties. We are strict on this, and as such, our team will be always expected to adhere to the set iterative process with the intention of helping in risks identification in the course project’s lifespan.

Prototype Testing

In order to get the best product delivered to you as a customer, we do employ the aspect iteration process in the course of project’s development lifecysle. Our team have a standard process of starting from building prototype in order to conceptualize your idea before proceeding to the next levels of development. This prototype will give a clue and confidence when the real coding begins.

Prototype Approaches

Prototype to Production