Reduce Overhead and Improve Efficiency with Managed Services

Milestone Technocrat unlocks the business & technologies dynamics by offering services of next-generation integrated management. We first take your existing business systems through a thorough review chiefly to understand how operations, people, as well as processes, do coordinate. A full analysis of flaws, liabilities, loopholes, and challenges of your current system and its methods, puts us in a right position to explore all possible opportunities we can use to maximize your system and processes’ efficiency.

We provide services of product maintenance and support, as well as customized technology solutions alongside cloud services which all are geared towards formulating a way of addressing your unique business needs.

Our Capabilities

We offer services of enterprise management which gives you the Freedom to Drive Innovation and Agility

Managed CX Services

We at Milestone Technocrat focused on helping enterprises in navigating through the ever-changing modest market landscape, and we have been able to achieve much through improving your business processes’ well as the building of strategies and implementation of new technologies. Milestone Technocrat’s comprehensive managed CX services offer clients to deliver excellent customer experience with the right mixture of people, processes, and technology.

IT Team Augmentation

Milestone Technocrat has experienced experts who can work as your extended team in leveraging both opportunities & benefits for you to experience instant scalability in your operations. We have IT team who provide augmentation services which can use their experience and skilled resources in achieving your business goals.

Product Support & Maintenance

We at Milestone keep checking your product heartbeat because your product’s status is the key to gathering valued endorsements that will streamline operations in the quest of optimizing your systems. Milestone Technocrat has a team of experts with a predefined set of situations who will gauge the performance of your application and check its health status. Such active applications monitoring will help in addressing concerns of Performance, Design, & Speed.

Patching Updates

Milestone Technocrat ensures that there is infinite vulnerabilities in the software we develop and this minimizes the malware attacks, and we even have advanced patch updates which cements this aspect. We develop software patches that plays a role of updating computer programs and it also support data through fixing security breaks & other bugs.

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM)

We at Milestone Technocrat Company, do offer wide-ranging of Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) facilities which helps companies to maintain their competitiveness while reducing downtimes. This will help you in cutting extra expenses while following to the highest level of data security & compliance.

CCS (Cloud Consulting Services)

Milestone Technocrat’s CCS(Cloud consulting services) are meant to help customers in leveraging the power & importance of the cloud in your global business strategy. Our cloud experts will guide you fine down on the best cloud technologies as per your business requirements and graph out a roadmap to enhance the IT infrastructure for your business, increase time-to-market your products and in due course improve the user experience.

CHS (Cloud Hosting Services)

Services We provide CHS which are crucial for the improvement of your business agility, and we do so at customer-friendly rates. Our job at Milestone Technocrat is to ensure that we give you the best option of cloud services be it customizable private clouds or managed public clouds, Microsoft Azure or hybrid clouds. We will start by analyzing your current and future possible business situation then advice you accordingly on which cloud services choice is the most appropriate.

CMS (Cloud Migration Services)

Milestone Technocrat provides services of Cloud Migration which involve migration of your applications to any cloud environment to boost your business performance & scalability. Our Cloud Migration team geared towards mitigating risks, maximizing performance as well as invoking robust and repeatable processes which are critical to your future business development.

CSS (Cloud Support Services)

Milestone Technocrat does offer services of cloud support which include cloud readiness which is the key to helping organizations adopt cloud technologies. We have a team that has global reach, proven processes, technical expertise, & adapted approach who are ready to meet your cloud adoption delivery and stability standards for the Cloud Services.