Stimulating the development of embedded technology focusing on the varied demands of customers

Milestone Technocrat  has been doing some understudy on the issue of lifestyle where there is need to strike balance between work and personal life in order to accomplish work while making life easy and straightforward. With the increase in consumer needs, it has become necessary for each sphere of life to be automated in terms of functionality.

We have a team of developers who deals with development and embedding solutions to cater to varied industries, and our solutions covers right from industrial to home automation, M2M solutions, device drivers, Internet of Things, Navigation and tracking solutions, Telecom, Telematics, Bluetooth, automotive embedded systems, Avionics, security solutions, RFID, RTOS porting, VOIP, Inventory management, medical imaging, and large industrial controllers.

We design and develop Digital Interfaces as well as Embedded solutions using technologies such as PCM, System Designing and microcontroller-based circuit, GPIO, CAN, SPI, IOM2, PARALLEL Port, microcontroller programming, I2C, and, ASIC based circuit.

Our Proposition

  • Product coding and development services

  • Cost-effective services

  • Tailor-made embedded solutions

  • Need Analysis

  • Microprocessor and DSP-based designs

  • Independent quality assurance to ensure compliance to industry standards

  • Consulting services for embedded solutions

  • Technology innovation

  • Testing

  • Intricately and intelligently designed embedded solutions

  • Circuit design

Our offering in Embedded Technologies include

  • Test Suite Development

  • Hardware/Software Integration

  • BIOS & Firmware Development

  • Languages and development environments

  • Mobile OS

  • Operating System

  • Wireless and OTA automation solutions

  • Hardware design

  • Processors, controllers based Boards

  • Protocols

  • Embedded OS

  • Device Drivers

  • OEM Support

  • Networking & Media (Video, Voice and Imaging) Applications

  • Board Support Packages

  • Testing and Measurement Services