Milestone Technocrat is known for their speed in adopting technologies and even working with both current and emerging technologies

We have been on the forefront of adopting of Progressive Web Applications since this technology give space to customers to build web pages that are reliable, fast and engaging. These web pages have performance that matches that of the mobile applications. We have experts who will provide you first-mover advantage through combination of best of web and apps.

We will also ensure that we deliver to you web apps that are adaptive and can seamlessly match multiple devices with varying screen sizes. Progressive Web App – this is a kind of web app that may be used to provide you with the advantage of many features that are found in native applications. We also have experts who will work with you to creating a web app which can operate offline by utilizing Service Workers.

What are Progressive Web Applications? This means Web Applications that works by making your web pages look and operate equally competitive as any other mobile applications. This is made possible by considering various factors such as user engagement, safety, reliability, and connectivity regardless of the speed of the Internet. IOT-based Wearable Apps, Our team, have expertise and extensive knowledge which they can apply in consultation as well as ability to develop following web applications that can need the needs of the users appropriately.

It is good to say that everything that is currently available in the market can be done as a Progressive web Application. Advantages This architecture is characterized with progressive enhancement that is the core principle that comes with numerous advantages. Responsiveness is evident in this technology since gives room for seamless interaction which is practical and applicable across various browsers of different devices both now and in future. Up to Date. We strive to ensure that the services we provide to you in system update are constant and of the latest trends while ensuring that your applications and systems are up to date.

We tend to advise our customers to use HTTPS medium in their course of applications access as a way of preventing malicious moves such as snooping from intruders. Independent of the Quality of Connectivity The service workers will allow you in loading the applications as well as offering you with capabilities of working offline. Identifiable as an Application Registration of Service Workers accessible for search engines for marketing and SEO of the application. Mobile Application This involve the style that is best applicable for interactivity and navigation when browsing or navigating between the web pages.

App store hasslefree applications These Apps does not necessarily have to be installed, and they do allow for sharing through the link, like website URL.


  • Overcome Network Issues

  • Improved Engagement

  • No App Store Hassle

  • Higher Conversaion Rate

  • Home Screen Accesibility


  • Progressive Web Design

  • Custom Progressive App Development

  • Application Shell Architecture

  • Responsive Web App Design

Why Choose Milestone Technocrat as your  Progressive Web App Development Partner Company?

Native Application Concert

Our Progressive Web App is a consolidation of smartphone browser and their native applications that merge the functionalities, features, and advantages of both.

Applications Shell Model

Milestone technocrat builts Progressive Web App on applications shell model so that application deliver excellent user experience, with high performance.


Milestone technocrat builts progressive web application that offer seamless interactivity over browsers of various devices and strong performance.

Quick Performance

Our PWA, react swiftly to user communication with very stable navigation and animations.