Our Expertise.


Milestone Technocrat offer extended technology and domain solutions in design, development, deployment, and maintenance of swift applications from bottom to top. Our services also offer solutions for business performance optimization and increased innovation.
Our experience and seasoned experts in domains and functional swift application will develop secure, robust and responsive solutions for your diverse business needs.

  • Integrity – at Milestone Technocrat we endeavour to offer our services in an honest, ethical, and transparent manner, through systemic activities
  • Excellence – we aim at delivering top notch solutions to our customers, enabling them to transform their business to high performance units.
  • Respect – we appreciate diversity in its many forms, and work to nurture mutual trust for individuals and businesses.
  • Learn – we aim at quantifying, evaluating and enhancing business outcomes, by continuously learning and adopting new trends and techniques.
  • Experience – we pride ourselves with vast experience in quick response, appropriate tools and services as well as optimal solutions.
  • Deliver – our commitment to our clients is that we will deliver innovative and flexible solutions to keep them ahead of the park. Even if it means over-delivering what is expected.


At Milestone Technocrat we service the world economy right from the average small and medium enterprises to large conglomerates. We offer quality and innovative services in; Mobile, Web, Embedded services, open source frameworks and IT consulting.

Our Services
Website Development and App Development


This March, I visited Milestone Technocrat with my team of professionals, and I felt privileged to have met your staffs and management. I was flattered since all including my talented team, and everyone that I met in the office was hard-working, friendly, inclined to your attention and super supportive to all. My greatest joy is that you did it marvelously correct to set aside time to celebrate the 12 years in business milestone and I hope that you had a fun day together.

Nirzari Sheth, Australia

Our collaboration and the support of Milestone Technocrat yielded exceptional fruits as we were able to come up with an iPhone app which overwhelmingly me the targeted expectations, technically and graphically. All the communications we had were smooth and prompt, and this made us feel the sense of involvement and appreciation. The Milestone Technocrat team gave us support throughout the development stages of the software especially during the process of beta testing. The company, so to say, gave us all these support and ideas for a price was customer friendly and very competitive.

Mr.Roger Coby, USA

Milestone Technocrat has exceptional levels of commitment when it comes to developing solutions that are robust enough to meet the complex business needs of any company and organization. They have achieved a record level when it comes to communication as they are always prompt. Their turnaround time when an issue requiring resolution arises continues to be impressive and encouraging. We have been working with them for quite a long time, and our relationship has been to the levels of bringing a feeling that they are an extension of our staff rather than dealing with an anonymous third-party supplier. The next coming months will be a busy month for me as I will be having a lot of projects and as such, I will happily work with Milestone Technocrat in developing further these applications.

Parthavi Shah, London

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude for the excellent job and the outstanding service I received from Milestone Technocrat team. They created my first ever App ControlBabyGender which was marvellous, and I liked it. This app functions to give the spouses and partners opportunity across the world to determine the sex of their future babies. The most tantalizing aspect about Milestone Technocrat is their professional service and flexibility that they portray in the course of their work. The guys there responsively and responsibly attended to my needs and made changes to my requirements in the course of design and development of this App. Being my first experience in the world of Apps the wonderful team of Milestone Technocrat gave me the support, dedication help, and ideas which boosted my morale and skills in this field. I am now ready and more prepared to come up with more Apps and that being said, I feel like I can’t express how pleased I am after having worked with you guys.

Michele Knowlton, USA

My testimony on working with Milestone Technocrat is that they presented me with a remarkable experience. They made my tackling of tasks easier, and they have been able and willing to assist in putting together my project with the class. These guys have simple code that is easy to understand and very sophisticated functioning programs as they also add good comments to their programs. They offer the best services and working with them has been a great pleasure as they’re also quick with putting things together. They can handle even the seemingly hardest programs in a very complex but easy to understand the code and come up with software that meets the maximum requirements threshold. Teaming up with the Milestone Technocrat team has turned out to be the best collaboration as everything is now efficient, friendly and proactive in finding issues and solving them before I see the issues. I hope that we will work together again shortly!

Didier Hernandez, USA

I was faced with a situation where it had to outsource web development to Milestone Technocrat, and I can testify that my experience with them was a good one. They took the website development through the processes of developing software, and they did it in proficiently and professionally. Working with their team leader and his team was a great experience as they kept often communicating hence bringing the sense and feeling of appreciation involvement and, responsibility. The team leader could listen to my requirements and issues and worked very hard and purposed to deliver on time. I would wish to reiterate that I was treated quite well and I appreciate so much as this team took the least time possible to deliver a quality product. They also ensured that I was satisfied with their work and for that case, I would recommend anyone and everybody to work with Milestone Technocrat in their businesses when looking to outsource their software and any information communication technology development.

Martuza Ferdous, USA

Over the years, we have been outsourcing our new innovative application to Milestone Technocrat for development, testing, and deployment. This team, Milestone Technocrat, has delivered the milestones and subsequent final application within the set and expected outcome and on time. The Team at Milestone Technocrat are not only very technical and proactive, but they are also readily available as they respond instant whenever we need to solve production issues. When it comes to contacting them for assistance, I urge all not to hesitate at all as they will receive their services at Milestone Technocrat team. They have the capability, and members who are ready to attend to any other Company for their application development requirement. From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you Milestone Technocrat.

Sandy Patel, Canada

My first encounter was met with mixed reaction since I had some skepticism with outsourcing company services to a third party, but after contacting Milestone Technocrat for their services, everything changed; Milestone Technocrat quickly put those fears to rest, and I was now at ease. The personnel I was interacting with were great and thoroughly explained the process to me and delivered as promised.Since that time, I have hired them again because of the great work they did earlier. They’re very knowledgeable and cost-effective. I recommend them over the competition.

Amit Patel, Australia

Every single step of this project can be described with only one-word pleasure. Peter and I are very pleased with all of the points, and we have to say that you are real professionals. The communication was great, the quality of work also – I think those are the two most important steps for building a successful business. A big Thank You

Jackson Brown, USA